Hanioti At about 60 minutes drive from Thessaloniki is the small, picturesque village of Hanioti, or Chanioti as some people know it, a busy tourist resort which attracts many visitors with its beauty and its long sandy beaches.

It has all the touristy facilities needed to enjoy good holidays, such as hotels, restaurants, traditional taverns, small cafes as well as modern bars and clubs.

Chanioti This Hanioti village records have been recorded as early as the early 18th century. Prior to 1955 Hanioti was located 2 kilometers closer to the mountain than where it is today. Ruins of the original village and the church still exist in the older original Hanioti village area. In the new village area there are remnants of earlier inhabitants dating back as far as the Greek classical years.

It is possible that these ruins could have been the ancient city of Aeghai or Aegi.
This village is the capitol of Pallini. Pallini is an area of the Kassandra peninsula. The primary source of income for this area is tourism, fishing and bee honey.

The population of Hanioti is approximately 700.

Municipality of Hanioti (Community office)
Telephone: 23740 51611
Fax: 23740 54108

Hanioti telephone area code: 23740
Hanioti postal area code: 63085

Enjoy your holidays in Hanioti.